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Many available Attractions for visitors coming to Beijing, from the Great Wall, Beihai Park, Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City.
The temple no longer has monks and now is used as a museum to house 1,200 stone carvings from ancient times.
The formaer Madam Soong's residence is now turned into a museum dedicated to the memory of her and her husband. The house is kept as it was when she was alive.
Built in 1733, this temple was originally named the Temple of Awakening. It houses the country's largest bell, named the Yong le Bell after Emperor Yong Le of the Ming Dynasty
2h drive north of Beijing, the Simatai saction offers unparalleled views
The Great Wall of China, To the north of China, a huge, serrated wall zigzags it's way from the west to the east, through the desert, grassland and mountains.
Was a well-established historian, poet, translator, archaeologist, playwright, and he also took up senior posts in government. His house contains huge amounts of manuscripts and books.
The name of this scenic valley translates simply as "lakes, caves and water", an appropriate title for the six kilometer stretch of natural landscape. Very popular in summer.
Has two scenic spots of particular interest, the six-kilometer gorge and Mount Jing Tai. The two are linked by a cable car, from which waterfalls are visible.
The main feature is the natural landscape. The scenery varies with the seasons. See the flowers in spring, enjoy a mountain retreat in summer, the red leaves in autumn and the snowy vista in winter.
Ling Shan has 18 square kilometers of forests, mainly composed of birches, and seven square kilometers of wild grassland with plenty of wildlife.
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