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Many available Attractions for visitors coming to Beijing, from the Great Wall, Beihai Park, Ming Tombs and the Forbidden City.
For nearly thirty years Mao was the center of the Chinese universe, and however the future judges him he is certainly still revered today. Admission free.
The Luguo Bridge has been standing over the Yongding River for 800 years. The entire bridge is made of huge granite blocks, with carved stone lions crouched along the railings on both sides.
Some 50 kilometers northwest of Beijing and hidden amongst scenic mountains are thirteen tombs from the Ming Dynasty era, dubbed the underground palace. Many tours combine this with the great wall.
The Purple Bamboo Garden is a mountain-water landscaped garden. As the name suggests, the garden has a large variety of bamboos, more than 50 species.
It is a five kilometer long streamlined landscape corridor famous for its scenery. The pools form a chain with many waterfalls.
An old legend holds that two giant red snails lived on the hill behind this temple. The temple has become a scenic spot open to the public. The scenery around the temple is breathtaking.
A tranquil place to enjoy a leisurely afternoon. A mini-golf course can be found within the park grounds. The popular Chinese pursuit of kite flying can also be practiced here.
One of the city's eight top suburban tourist attractions, the scenic spot is known for its perilous peaks, dense forests, karst topography and wonderful lava caves.
This World Heritage Site is a popular tourist attraction. A breathtaking display of ancient art and architecture, lush gardens and amazing views. Open daily 7am-5pm
When visiting the Temple of Azure Clouds, now part of Xiang Shan Park, don't miss the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Sun Yat-sen (1862-1925) was the founder of the Republic of China.
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