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If you enjoy to swim there are many places to visit from beaches to manned swimming pools indoors
Located in a Shunyi residential neighborhood, this fitness club mainly trains expat teens in swimming and other forms of exercise to improve their physiques.
Hours: 8am-3:30pm, 6:30pm-9:30pm Mon-Fri; 12am-9:30pm Sat-Sun. YY20 per person.
This centrally located public pool offers swim classes.
You and the rest of the crew can rent indoor or outdoor, full- or half-courts here.
Fulicheng's clubhouse contains a gym/fitness center, pool and an attached Cantonese restaurant.
The Sino-Swiss Hotel's Splash boasts a large outdoor-indoor pool, a sand volleyball court, a playground, a gym, ping-pong tables, a poolside bar and a restaurant.
YY12 for children, YY15 for adults. Hours: 9am-10pm
Hours: 12am-1:30pm, 7:45pm-9:15 Mon-Fri; 7am-8pm Sat-Sun. YY20 per person.