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Art Museums containing works of art from China and around the world.
Hours: 8am-5pm, Take the 920 bus from Andingmen metro station
Ancient Architecture Museum, Hours: 9am-4pm
Ancient Currency Museum, Hours: 9am-4 pm closed on Monday
Located in the beautiful Wan Shou Temple, the Beijing Art Museum displays 50,000 pieces of Chinese paintings, seal cuttings, jade carvings, porcelain and pottery wares, handicraft and furniture.
Great Wall Museum is composed of nine exhibition halls with exhibits focusing on the history, military equipment and installations, economic exchanges and culture of the Great Wall. At Ba Da Ling.
Includes exhibits of ancient furniture, and handicrafts to the sound of traditional music.
Institute of Traditional Chinese Painting, Hours: 9:30am-4:30pm. Free entry
Is located in Huoying, Beijing and it was officially opened in 1997. As a private Art Museum, Laojia Art Museum is one of the very few special museum in China, which is run by the artist himself.
Museum of Ancient Pottery Civilization, Hours: 9am-5pm (closed Mondays)
Sports Museum. Hours: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
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