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Booksellers in Beijing. Selling all types of specialists books, secondhand books, new fiction, and travel books.
The Bookworm, spacious and open planned, now has three separate rooms where you will find a European Restaurant, a Cafe bar, the 'Kiddie's Corner and a bookshop tucked in the back room.
You do not have to be a child to enjoy browsing through this store. There are lots of picture books and children's stories lining the shelves, including books on ancient Chinese history.
This store, adjacent to the Beijing Foreign Language Bookstore is the best place in Beijing for imported English language books.
Books on history, literature, art, and politics as well as a carefully chosen collection of foreign language books can be found here.
This moderately sized bookstore specialises in the sale of medical and computer books (mostly in Chinese).
The Beijing Foreign Language Bookstore offers one of the largest selections of foreign (non-Chinese) language books in Beijing.
Located east of Beijing University, this basement bookshop offers a wide range of academic books in both Chinese and foreign languages
Books, books and more books this is a book lovers paradise. It is actually a group of several small bookshops located together.
This is a great spot for book lovers and those into the high-tech equipment.
The San Wei Bookstore is a fairly new and welcome addition to Beijing's book scene.
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