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Vietnam restaurants in Beijing which stock foo noodles and nems.
4corners is the first solo project from Vietnamese-Canadian chef Jun Trinh, formerly of Luga's Pho Pho.
This long-running Southeast Asian restaurant serves a mishmash of Indian, Thai, Singaporean and Malaysian cuisines Lunch .
The lime green walls and whirring fans of this Sino-French bistro seem tropically Southeast Asian, while the fittings and ambiance are classically Parisian.
It may be small and mired amidst other restaurants in the new Prosper Center, but do not underestimate the food at Mekong Riverside.
Nam Nam is back in its original, two story location south of Sanlitun bar street in what was for a while Ras Ethiopian restaurant serving such specialties as Lavong Fish, pomelo salad and the requisit
Pinnacle Plaza restaurant serves pho, spring rolls, chicken wings, rice noodles, fresh sugar cane and more.
Though the food at this Wanda Plaza lunch spot is not quite what you would find on the streets of Saigon (or LA, for that matter), the noodle soups here are an affordable and quick lunch option.
Pho La La represents an alternative option from the many Chinese restaurants in the area.
Hong Kong based chain of Vietnamese eateries serves beef pho (RMB 48 a bowl), appetizer platters and imported beer in a CBD-friendly environment.
Phodaiz certainly looks the part with rattan chairs and an airy atmosphere but its Vietnamese style food wont be winning any Michelin stars.
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