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Shopping malls in Beijing.
Unusually located in a mock dynastic building complete with tiled roof and crimson lacquered columns, this racket specialist carries a wide range of tennis, squash and badminton equipment.
This enormous modern complex offers a wide range of goods. There is no store map to guide you, but instead each floor has its own brief directory.
Known to locals as the Lan Dao Center, Blue Island is a Chinese-style department store, with prices (and, it has to be said, quality) substantially lower than in some of its international competitors.
Recently renovated, this enormous complex is best described as the most glamorous maze in town.
Located in a pleasant square and surrounded by modern sculptures, this flashy six-floor store is decidedly up-market. On the first floor are jewelry and accessories, and a Starbucks.
An interesting architectural specimen in the heart of the business district, this semi-circular wonder is great for shopping and a good cup of coffee.
This is a rather touristy antique mall. There are several shops here selling a wide range of antiques enjoy a meander through the mall.
Is one of the few remnants of the city's original system of hutongs, narrow alleys and lanes of either residential or commercial purpose.
South of the ancient Drum Tower, this store traditionally catered to the needs of local residents. However, since a recent facelift, the store has a new, modern look and is selling a wider range.
This is a popular store among tourists and foreigners. Although prices are a little high, there is something to be said for the convenience of finding all the souvenirs you could possibly need
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