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Pubs, bars, brasseries, cocktail bars with traditional ales, soft drinks, gastropubs, snacks and pub-grub.
This is a real American treat, from the food to the decor. Mellow music is played before 9pm, then a band takes over playing great tunes at top volume. So enjoy the rockin music, food and drinks!
Great backpacker bar with good eats and the owners amazing photography on walls. Hours: 10am-12pm
Standard electronic music reverberates throughout this cosy hang-out. Hours: Daily 6pm-late
The bar that started it all on famous bar-street Hou Hai. Hours: 2pm-midnight
In a hutong north of Qianhai, the venerable Huxleys has re-opened in a new location. Perfect for revisiting old friends.
A Shanghai import, the Icehouse is the bar portion of RBL and provides a consistent venue for blues and jazz. Hours: Daily 7pm-2am
The hip, Bohemian flair, plus the dim lights and large tables make it the ideal place for groups to go drinking. The food is average, but the menu spans three continents and the drinks are fantastic.
This quiet morning coffee spot can turn into a raging beer fest of diplomats and journalists a few hours later.
Sparsely furnished, quiet and covered in plants, Jue Se makes for a perfect place to read or enjoy some pleasant conversation.
This large European-style pub has become an increasingly popular spot for both Chinese and foreign clientele. A new menu has seen an increasing mix of Western and Chinese cuisine.
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