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Bread shops and boulangeries, bakers, cake shops and patisseries in Beijing.
Incredibly delicious square cakes, with creative presentations and top-notch ingredients. Delivery only. Order at least five hours in advance; a 5% discount applies to orders made 24 hours in advance.
Tucked into a corner of the April Gourmet on Xingfuyicun, A Food Affaire is a convenient spot for grocery shoppers looking to grab some Western food for a quick lunch or dinner.
If Aladdin had a favorite dessert you can be sure A-Tian would make it to his satisfaction.
This Japanese chain sells fresh cream puffs with different flavored fillings, ranging from vanilla to chocolate and green tea.
Artisanal French butchery serving up quality cuts of beef, veal, lamb and pork, as well as sausages, cheese, quiche and freshly roasted chickens.
Located just a few minutes from Houhai on the tourist-baiting lane of Yandai Xiejie, this store crams a fine selection of chocolates into its tiny space.
Comptoirs de France Bakery is a foreign company dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality varieties of breads, pastries, chocolates and ice creams
The two branches of Livewell serve just what the name suggests - healthy fare like smoothies, juices, sandwiches, coffee and salads at friendly prices with daily specials.
Conveniently located in the heart of Beijings Central Business District (CBD) hive of office buildings, Pekotan is an ideal option for a quick healthy lunch.
Bagels, outdoor seating and free Wi-Fi make this a welcome addition to Chaoyang Park.
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